The Cleaning Wars

When my wife and I were going through our pre-marriage counseling our pastor told us something he considered a life truth — “No matter how hard you try, there will always be one or two things that you always argue about.”

He was right. We argue about cleaning.

Vacuuming. Mopping. Cleaning the bathroom. Dusting. Laundry. Cleaning the kitchen. Emptying the dishwasher.

The chores, yard work and…

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The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

aaron youth soccer

Are we having fun? Yes, we are!

In fall, a parent’s heart turns to back-to-school.
And youth sports. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Gymnastics.

We want our kids to participate in sport for so many reasons:

1) To keep them active and healthy
2) To teach them the value of teamwork
3) To help them learn to follow direction and coaching
4) To learn a lifelong activity
5) Because sport is fun

Often lost…

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Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

No More NFLIt’s time for me to quit the NFL. I’m gone until Commissioner Roger Goodell steps down. Any organization which is so unwilling to repudiate a culture of family abuse doesn’t deserve our money. I’m willing to accept a fair amount of dumb behavior from men in their twenties. We all did dumb stuff at that age, we made it right as best we could, we learned from it, and we went on to lead positive…

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RTD: Discipline or Intimidation in Parenting

RTD: Discipline or Intimidation in Parenting

There is nothing I can say in regards to spanking and Adrian Peterson that Chris Carter doesn’t say in this video.  You can stop the video after he’s done talking.

I was spanked, but my wife and I made the choice together not to spank our kids.  It was never the physical pain that I feared from them, but the mental fear and…

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Scores are not results; 3 ways to a good sports experience

Scores are not results; 3 ways to a good sports experience

Do not confuse the results with the score.

Youth sports – such a tricky topic. We want our kids to have fun, but at the same time, we really want them to win. Many parents say they sam double golddisagree, but with 30 years of youth sports coaching and officiating experience behind me, I feel comfortable stating that many of the parents who say that winning isn’t important do not speak the truth.
I’ve seen their…

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My Son, Our Church & His Loose Lips

My Son, Our Church & His Loose Lips

My palms sweat. My hands tremble. My brain races as I pray for the end of the nightmare unfolding in front of my eyes and the eyes of dozens of people in our community.

“This is the worst part of my week,” I whisper to my wife, as the crowd giggles with laughter and looks quickly in our direction.

“Make it stop, make it stop,” I mutter to myself, hoping that no one hears me.

Then, it stops and I…

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One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time

980736_91728200Learning has always been enjoyable for me. I like understanding why things are the way they are, although, to be honest, I’ve always been more drawn to the theoretical arguments as opposed to the practical ones. For instance, I don’t care very much about the ways that the hydraulics and various mechanical parts of an airplane work. I’d much rather have a discussion about the ethical uses of…

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Looking Back at Demons and Infinite Infinities

Looking Back at Demons and Infinite Infinities

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Have you seen the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” or have you ever read the book? It’s a love story of tragic proportions. Two souls who cross paths at the crossroads of illness, confusion, fear, and death. A glimpse into what life is like for two young adults, both facing terminal cancer, and how to best spend that life. I saw “The Fault in Our Stars” in theaters with…

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A Lesson from Dad

A Lesson from Dad

In life, there are lessons we return to time after time. They become the tent poles our existence — mantras that define us, rescue us from dark times and blanket us like a comfortable quilt when we require a dose of meaning in our crazy, chaotic, stress-filled lives.

For me, it’s a simple, 4-word lesson from my dad drilled into me when I faced a task whether ordinary or consuming:

“Work hard.…

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RTD: New School Year’s Resolutions

This Week’s RTD is a video Post.  Check it out below, and we will see you Wednesday Night.

Gather. Learn. Be Heard.