Why I H.A.T.E Going to My Kids Events: Parenting with Social Anxiety

Why I H.A.T.E Going to My Kids Events: Parenting with Social Anxiety

It’s a mad scramble to make sure everyone is ready to go. Shoes? Socks? Do we need jackets? Where is my daughter? Keys? Got phones? Now where is my son? No honey those shoes don’t match each other, let alone your outfit. NO! You can’t have cheese puffs before going to get your picture made. Hurry up we’re late! Oh, baby I need the keys. I left something inside. Finally we’re all in the car. Seat…

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Is Your Driving Making Your Kids Crazy ?

Is Your Driving Making Your Kids Crazy ?

car articleWhat drives you crazy as a driver? Driver’s education never covered this. Is it the guy you wave in who doesn’t give you the courtesy wave? The driver who busts the red light because three seconds before she got there the light was yellow? The guy who can’t stay between the white lines when steering with his knee because he’s air drumming to Phil Collins on “In the Air Tonight?” The…

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7 Signs You’re Getting Old

7 Signs You’re Getting Old

photoI turn 41 this week. It’s not old in the grand scheme of things, but I can start to feel old age settling in.  It’s creeping up on me more and more every year and I don’t know if there is much that I can do to stop it.  Here are seven things that I have noticed about getting older.

1. You get hurt for no reason.  I was cleaning my closet and strained my knee hanging up a shirt.

2. You watch 60…

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What if Toddlers Ruled the World?

What if Toddlers Ruled the World?

After 3 years of living with toddlers, I have a Masters in Toddlerology. I’m an expert in their radical, unhinged, ear-busting, side-splitting, unpredictable behavior. It’s sort of like how you’d be an expert in sleep deprivation if you lived with a toddler who cheerfully rises every morning at 6 a.m. ready for cartoons, juice and your making his every wish your instant and only command.


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Don’t Hit Your Kids, Dammit!

Don’t Hit Your Kids, Dammit!

Look, this is not complicated. We are Homo sapiens. “Thinking Man.” Think for a moment about how you teach your kids right from wrong. I hugging chimpsthink you need never hit your children. You will share a life with your kids for the next 50 years. They will be adult for 30 of these years. You want a good relationship with them; one based on love and camaraderie and fun? Then don’t freaking hit them when…

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The Cleaning Wars

When my wife and I were going through our pre-marriage counseling our pastor told us something he considered a life truth — “No matter how hard you try, there will always be one or two things that you always argue about.”

He was right. We argue about cleaning.

Vacuuming. Mopping. Cleaning the bathroom. Dusting. Laundry. Cleaning the kitchen. Emptying the dishwasher.

The chores, yard work and…

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The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

aaron youth soccer

Are we having fun? Yes, we are!

In fall, a parent’s heart turns to back-to-school.
And youth sports. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Gymnastics.

We want our kids to participate in sport for so many reasons:

1) To keep them active and healthy
2) To teach them the value of teamwork
3) To help them learn to follow direction and coaching
4) To learn a lifelong activity
5) Because sport is fun

Often lost…

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Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

No More NFLIt’s time for me to quit the NFL. I’m gone until Commissioner Roger Goodell steps down. Any organization which is so unwilling to repudiate a culture of family abuse doesn’t deserve our money. I’m willing to accept a fair amount of dumb behavior from men in their twenties. We all did dumb stuff at that age, we made it right as best we could, we learned from it, and we went on to lead positive…

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RTD: Discipline or Intimidation in Parenting

RTD: Discipline or Intimidation in Parenting

There is nothing I can say in regards to spanking and Adrian Peterson that Chris Carter doesn’t say in this video.  You can stop the video after he’s done talking.

I was spanked, but my wife and I made the choice together not to spank our kids.  It was never the physical pain that I feared from them, but the mental fear and…

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Scores are not results; 3 ways to a good sports experience

Scores are not results; 3 ways to a good sports experience

Do not confuse the results with the score.

Youth sports – such a tricky topic. We want our kids to have fun, but at the same time, we really want them to win. Many parents say they sam double golddisagree, but with 30 years of youth sports coaching and officiating experience behind me, I feel comfortable stating that many of the parents who say that winning isn’t important do not speak the truth.
I’ve seen their…

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