3 Reasons to See Guardians of the Galaxy

3 Reasons to See @Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy #GOTG #DadsRT #RTgeek #SDCC

I wasn’t always of fan of Cosmic Marvel, until recently and it started with the Annihilation story line.  In this story and unstoppable force from another dimension rips through the universe decimating every civilization in crosses.  After reading this, I found myself picking Guardians of the Galaxy and I found a comic I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did.  I quickly read through the whole…

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RTD: How to Parent TOGETHER

RTD: How to Parent TOGETHER

Image courtesy of HAAP Media Ltd.

Image courtesy of HAAP Media Ltd.

There’s paying lip-service to being a team when it comes to parenting, then there is actually being a team.  If for some reason you and your spouse have a break in communications, or there is resistance to a point-of-view by one party, your children will smell blood in the water and go in for a feeding frenzy.

I know it is not coincidental when I get home and…

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Story Time: Rangers-Islanders 1999

I originally started writing this post as a connection to Eitan’s first baseball game but I got so involved in the story that it became its own post. I decided I enjoyed writing it so much that I would finish it and post it anyway, even though it was a long time ago and being a parent was one of the farthest things from my mind. Hope you enjoy it!

I was in middle school when I first started…

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Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle


Many moons ago I played with a couple of amazing musicians, Quinn and Cam. We called ourselves The Furleys. We wrote songs, played shows, and recorded an album. One day I had to say good-bye to Quinn, Cam, and The Furleys. This good-bye is not a dramatic rock band fallout story. My wife and I moved to another province for teaching jobs. Over the years I kept in touch in Quinn and Cam and we…

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Naptime, an Obituary


(FLORIDA) — It is with great sadness and a tired heart that we regret to inform you of the death of Naptime.

Naptime was just 4 years old. She died of natural causes, peacefully, but not in her sleep.

The passing occurred last Monday at 1:34 pm when a certain 4-year-old refused to climb into his bed for books and a nap. He…

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It’s Good to Have a Guy

It’s Good to Have a Guy

The Guy, on his boat, circa 1972

The Guy, on his boat, circa 1972

Sitting in my car at the auto repair center (remember when they were called gas stations and garages?), my phone rang. I found myself talking with my Dad. He’s 81. I am 54. We talk a lot these days; his son my brother’s death, my brush with death via  pulmonary embolism, his age – our shared sense of mortality energizes every conversation. We were talking about…

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It’s hard to believe it’s already over. Our annual pilgrimage to my hometown in South Carolina, visiting relatives, and heading to the beach. Family vacation came and went so quickly. A blink of the eye and we went from the excitement of first arriving to the sadness of packing up to head home. Not that home isn’t a great place to be, but that these days we are away seemed to just disappear like a rising morning fog.

But as always, family vacation was the thing that many dreams are made of. In the weeks leading up, we dream about the smell of the salt air at the beach, the sound of the rubber on the road, taking us to our next adventure. While gone, at night, we dream about the day we had and during the day we make the memories that the following night’s dreams will be about. Time with family, time in the water and on the sand, visiting interesting places, and the list goes on.

We just arrived home from this year’s family vacation. I’m on the couch, resting up from the nearly 5 hour drive back home this morning. I am already looking forward to our next vacation, our next break from the norm of things. Our next big adventure where there’s no telling what’s going to come around the corner.

For now, I will just browse back through the snapshots that fuel the dreams we will be having this week, reminisce, and rejoice in the moments we had, the fact that we were able to have them, and that we were able to share them with those that we love. Care to join me? Browse with me through the gallery below, and check out some of the snapshots that stand out in my mind the most about the last week of family vacation.

Daytime Memories and Nighttime Dreams: Family Vacation It’s hard to believe it’s already over. Our annual pilgrimage to my hometown in South Carolina, visiting relatives, and heading to the beach.

RTD: Waking the Creative Mind

RTD: Waking the Creative Mind


I took my boys to the Children’s Museum in Boston this weekend and it got me thinking once again about something that doesn’t come naturally to me — sparking their creative minds.

I’m a left brain type of guy and I thrive on the linear. Give me a point A and a point B and let’s talk about the steps that are going to take us from one to the other and then let’s execute those steps. I’ve always…

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